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Fashion: Myth And Fact

Never seen model waddle on the catwalk. Of course very interesting for anyone who saw it. They wear clothing that has been designed by the designers. The clothes is one of the development of the fashion world.

Since time immemorial, human beings need clothes. Old, used clothing to protect the body from the heat of the sun and cold weather. However, the fashion world continues to grow. At present, worn clothes not only to protect the body from the weather but also used as a manifestation of a person's self image.

The development of the World Fashion

The fashion world continues to show progress. That's because every human need and love clothes. Various models and designs of clothing are made to meet human needs.

However, the current fashion is not limited to clothing, but on all the things that can make people become more perfect image, such as shoes, bags, clothing accessories, and others. Still, it's related to fashion clothing.

The fashion world is very closely related to the events that happened in the history of the world. For example, during World War II, the world is completed, the birth of the baby boomers who have hardworking character. At this time, the industry is growing rapidly.

In addition, at that time also appears Hippies or Flower Generation group which has a unique character and love of peace. This group was made trends in the fashion world like a plaid shirt for men. Women of that era like knee length dresses that have interesting colors.

Furthermore, knowing the trend world super short mini skirt designed by designer Mary Quant. The fashion trend known as the Chelsea Look. The short mini skirt paired with a sweater the same color so it looks matching.

In 1970 or better known as the era known as the '70s era of anything goes. In this era, people are free to express themselves through fashion. There is a macho look with the use of boots paired with a mini skirt.

Also at this time appear punk and glam movement. Development of fashion at that time is not limited to clothing, but also forms a unique shoes, including platform shoes thick.

Today, the trend of the 70s back even raised by the designers. But, of course be adapted to the conditions and tastes of today's society. However, it turns the fashion world keeps spinning and doing development - development that is always changing from time to time.

Fashion has always been the main attraction not only by women who love beauty but also has been a concern of men who are very concerned about the appearance and self-image.

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