Selasa, 06 Mei 2014

Myths in Fashion World

In a connected world with our everyday life, there is a myth that often digembor rant to be treated as a fact that ought to be believed.

Here are some myths that are often sought after and trusted by the people of Indonesia.

One of the colors that are considered suitable for everyone is black. Unfortunately, not everyone is suited to this color. Some people will even be suitable to use clothes with bright colors rather than black.

Another myth that circulates among fashion lovers is a horizontal line that can make the body look fatter. This makes almost all women filled refused to wear a shirt with a motif like that. In fact, research shows that the distance of the line thus will make one appear thinner.

Another myth in the world of fashion is a necessity to match the color of the shoes and bags. In fact, playing with the colors can be so vogue today to let one of exploration with color kesuakaannya.

Baggy pants off so it seemed almost unbelievable myths most people to hide their body depressions. In fact, using the pants, thus the person's body will look great.

Myths are also circulating in the community also make long skirts become the enemy of the short stature. But, in fact, a long skirt will make one appear taller and slimmer if combined with an appropriate blouse.

For those who have little and skinny legs like a myth to be able to wear fashionable clothes seem to be the case that it is absolute. In fact, wearing a very short mini skirt is not suitable for the physically like that.

Another myth in the world of fashion are beads that can only be worn at night only. In fact, quite ornate beaded dress that could be worn during the day.

If you want a leather jacket as a supporter style, you do not have to worry about rock star called because jakaet skin can only be worn by rock stars only. Everyone can wear this type of clothing.

Another myth is one of the denim that can not be mixed with other denim. In fact, you can use a denim blouse with subordinates who also fired denim policy.

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