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Facts about Fashion History

Behind the myth, there is always a fact. Some facts about fashion myth seems rare for reviews because it will be easier to influence the masses rather than the history or facts about something.

Here are some facts that may combat the myths that have been present in the world of fashion.

1. Buttons on Sleeve Jacket

Probably most people would argue that the buttons on the jacket sleeve was created in an effort to facilitate the wearer to wear the clothes.

In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte created the idea of the buttons on the jacket to stop the bad habit of wiping his nose soldiers who likes using their jacket sleeves.

2. Idea Regarding Bra

At first, the bra is not a fashion product that is patented until it reached in 1914 in which the product is considered as an obligatory clothing required by women.

Bra discovered or invented by a young socialite named Mary Phelps. He is tired of wearing a camisole when wearing lace blouse contained.

By using a handkerchief he then designed the first bra is then patented in 1914. Entire women then like this design which is then developed by a woman named Ida Rosenthal with a design that has a different cup sizes.

3. Clothes Second in History

Skirt is the second oldest in the history of underwear which was originally a cloth wrapped around the waist. In ancient Egyptian times, the skirt is not only used by women. Men also use these clothes to cover their body parts.

4. Historical Interest Thong

Women's underwear that is often referred to as the thong is created when an angry mayor of New York and considered as a stripper that exposes the body too much. Thong then created and developed for use by the city of New York dancers are considered capable of calming anger mayor at that time.

5. Shorts

In the 1930s, women in Bermuda barred show their thighs in public. That's why the women then wore shorts to cover their thighs.

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